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How is it that when we meditate together it is much deeper than when I meditate alone?

“This is a question that I often hear. It seems that we support each other energetically when we meditate together.
There is always a lovely mix of people who come to meditate– some people may have a regular meditation practice, and are experienced, some people may be discovering meditation for the first time and some come just to refresh their lives, their meditation.
It does not matter which category you may belong to, what happens is that our energies support each other. The innocence of the new person and the experience of the practiced meditator are both equally valuable. Meditation is always new.
To be in the company of people with the courage and sincerity to move into the unknown spaces of meditation is a great privilege." Shunyo



"Wherever five sannyasins are meditating together, the sixth... I will be present. It is a promise." - OSHO

An invitation to meditate while having fun in a loving and joyous energy field. Come Meditate and Celebrate with us. All the events and meditations are led in English language (with an Italian translator). Immerse yourself in a vibrant green cedar park, meditating and celebrating with many friends. A holiday in a thermal area near Parma to come back to yourself, to recharge your batteries, to discover the joy of being alive.

21 - 22 - 23 JUNE 2024 - Monticelli Terme


MEDITANDO will happen near PARMA, in Monticelli Terme at the HOTEL DELLE TERME surrounded by an ancient cedar park and with thermal spa attached. It is the ideal environment for a vacation full of relaxation, fun, celebration and meditation.

The first edition of Meditando dates back to 2005! From there it continued uninterruptedly as a summer event until before Covid. Changing locations over the years. To get an idea of what Meditando is, HERE YOU CAN SEE a photo roundup of a beautiful edition in Salsomaggiore Terme.

Participation is open to all and does not require any knowledge of meditation.
See all the details below...


"You are individuals only on the top. Deep down you are not individuals.
We belong to each other; we are rooted in one consciousness. So a group meditation can be a tremendous experience.
You are not alone there. If you can abandon yourself, if you can surrender, if you can melt completely, then the group soul takes you over, you are not there. Then the group dances and you dance as part of it. Then the group feels blissful and you feel blissful as part of it.
Then the group moves, sways, dances, and you are part of it. Abandon yourself totally, and then the group takes you over.
It becomes a fast, strong current and you are simply taken over." OSHO

shunyo e marco
shunyo e marco
shunyo e marco


  • 3 days of celebration and meditation with Shunyo & Veet Marco cost 135 Euros.

  • bedroom and meals at a covinient price at the Hotel delle Terme for the 3 days! For example double room Full Board: cost of the package is only 140 Euros!

  • Schedule:

    The meditations will start at 14,30 on Friday 21 June, and will end with the end of Osho Kundalini at 18,00 of Sunday 23 June. For more info contact us at Osho Experience.

    Bring everything you normally use for sitting or lying down comfortably, e.g. comfortable clothes, a mat, a pillow, a blanket and thick socks. In short, what you need to meditate comfortably.

    For more info about MEDITANDO:

    Segreteria Oshoexperience - +39 348 519 9916
    monday to friday 10,00 AM to 12,30 and from 15,00 to 18,30


    Hotel delle Terme
    Via G. Marconi 1
    Monticelli Terme (Parma)
    Tel. +39 0521 682711

    By car
    from Bologna or Milano, autostrada A1, exit Parma; tangenziale Nord towards Reggio Emilia and follow for Monticelli Terme.
    Navigator: 44°43'41.0"N 10°23'43.3"E

    By train
    Train line Milano-Bologna, station of Parma. From this station you can reach Monticelli Terme by bus o by taxi. Distance 10 km.

    To book your room and participation for MEDITANDO CLICK HERE

    For any other info about MEDITANDO:

    Segreteria Oshoexperience - 348 519 9916
    monday to friday 10,00 AM to 12,30 and from 15,00 to 18,30

    shunyo e marco
    shunyo e marco
    shunyo e marco

    "Your ecstasy is the movement toward the heights and your meditation is the movement toward the depths. And when you have both, your life becomes a celebration." OSHO



    Shunyo’s training in awareness began whilst living close to Osho for 14 years, as part of his household.. For the past 20 years she’s been travelling around the world conducting seminars, meditation trainings and retreats of Osho Neo Vipassana, which she leads also at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune. Thanks to her vision centered on the heart, her very presence allows participants to reach deep levels of peace and tranquillity. She narrated her experience of life with the Master in a wonderful book "My Diamond Days with Osho", translated into many languages. Shunyo's website is:

    veet marco


    Musician and seeker of the unknown, in 1979 becomes disciple of the enlightened Master Osho and since then has been experimenting with sounds and music applied to meditation. From 1995 he has been playing live for events and growth groups all over the world. He has composed many meditations CDs. These meditations are ancient tantric liberation techniques.



    Osho, a contemporary enlightened master, has dedicated his life to the awakening of consciousness, not only creating the famous Active Meditations and the original Meditative Therapies, but also delving into all the ancient teachings of the great enlightened masters and turning them into powerful techniques for the contemporary man.

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