The wonderful Osho Meditation Festival in Italy near Venice! Energy, joy, celebration, friendliness...

Don’t miss the chance to give yourself the gift of 4 days that could change your life!

The annual OshoFestival in Italy, held every April, for 2018 will be in the new location in Lignano Sabbiadoro, just a little further up the east coast near Venezia. The new facility has 3 huge halls, which should be enough to cover the 60 events and meditations planned, and accomodating the hundreds of enthusiastic participants coming from all over Europe.

Can you imagine doing Dynamic, Kundalini and the Evening Meeting meditations together with so many people? What an explosion of energy! Plus a full range of different events led by internationally known facilitators... As a participant said: "You can taste different techniques, different leaders and find out what is good for you... and meet beautiful people and old friends !".
And lots of dances, live music and... the biggest AUM Meditation in the world!

Plus a wide range of mini individual sessions (20 plus different techniques) to be tasted at a nominal fee. The Oshofestival has an international flavor with most of the events and meditations led in English with Italian translation.

Central hotel booking through Bella Italia Turistic Village allows to have special rates for Festival participants and the best quality for every price level. We will be all in the same Holiday Resort immersed in a huge pine tree forest just on the sea, meditating and also eating together, sharing with hundreds of friends all our time!

So... keep April 12 to 15 - 2018 free and don't miss this unique opportunity! "OshoFestival... you have to be there to fully understand how magic it is!" said another partecipant. As usual OshoFestival sparkles with an international choice of top-notch event givers. Some of them are already known to the public because of previous festivals or for their work in Italy and the world.

This year you will have a chance to meet Shunyo, for example, who has been working for many years with Osho as part of his personal staff. And then Siddho, Pratibha, Aneesha, Vatayana, Upadhi... and Anurag, Adhiraj, Pushan, Deepti, Chetana, Arpita, Aseel, Somraj, Leela Letizia, Harshil, Ojas... and musicians like Shastro and Veet Marco, bring their music.

12 - 13 - 14 - 15 April 2018 Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)

"You want to sing? Then for what are you waiting? You want to love? Then for what are you postponing? This is the only moment there is, and this is the only life there is. Forget about the future and start being alive here and now. And remember, if you are alive this moment, the next moment you will find yourself more alive, because the next moment is born out of this moment." – OSHO



Bella Italia Village venue of the festival: +39 0431 409511