with yourself, with others, with life's challenges...

Two evenings meditating all together,
with Shunyo and Marco


NOVEMBER 17 and 18 - 2021

with yourself, with others, with whatsoever life brings

Shunyo: "You probably already know methods to relax, but sometimes it happens that you are resting but the mind continues nattering, so half of your energy is still active in thoughts.
I have heard Osho say that to quieten the mind is a knack, a remembrance, something we already know.

Maybe we just need reminding now and again. And that is what our two evenings of meditation are about: reminding us all how to feel at ease with whatever life brings, and not be disturbed by the nagging mind.
Feeling at ease with yourself, you will feel at ease with others.
One of the few methods we would like to share with you is a heartful mantra meditation that brings us to a relaxed acceptance of what is.
Also, some fun dancing with new music from Marco, and a technique from one of Osho’s Darshan Diaries. It is particularly beautiful to do before sleep.

Whether you are new to meditation or someone who just loves to meditate and meet with distant friends, connecting, feeling the energetic connection – you are welcome."

Shunyo presents Methods to be at ease


Originating from London, Shunyo travelled to India in the seventies and her training in awareness beganwhilst living close to Osho for fourteen years, as part of his household. She has been practicing Osho's meditations for over thirty-five years. And now shares her experience, facilitating meditation courses and groups for women, as she travels to many countries. She also conducts trainings for people who would like to teach meditation to others. Music, dance and celebration are an important part of Shunyos's work, and this coupled with her intuitive heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of peace and silence. Her book: "Diamond days with Osho" has been translated in eight languages.


Musician and seeker of the unknown, in 1979 becomes disciple of the enlightened Master Osho and since then has been experimenting with sounds and music applied to meditation. From 1995 he has been playing live for events and growth groups all over the world. He has composed many meditations CDs. These meditations are ancient tantric liberation techniques.





Through the connection via Zoom you can take part in this meditation journey guided live by Shunyo and with Marco's music. The event is in English with live translation into Italian.

- There will be a first evening on Wednsday 17th November from 18.30 to 20.30 (Rome time).

- Then a second evening on Thursday 18th November again from 18.30 to 20.30 (Rome time).

Cost and booking

Cost for the two evenings: 60 euros
To book and see all the participation details go to this page: BOOKING.


“Without becoming yourself you will never feel contentment, you will never feel at ease with existence. You will always be in a condition of missing something...”

Osho from: Satyam Shivam Sundaram - Chapter 4

Cost and booking

Cost for the two evenings: 60 euros
To book and see all the participation details go to this page: BOOKING.

tel + 39 0331 841 952