A path of meditation and transformation with Anando on Zoom


DECEMBER 2021 - 4th and 5th

Tools for a Better Life – 3
Based on the teachings/wisdom of Osho

This is the chance to step out from our old behaviour schemes that make our lives heavier.


Anando: "Is it possible to live a more satisfying life in these difficult times?
We are living in unexpectedly stressful times due mainly to covid, but does that mean our lives also have to be stressful?
Covid brought lock-downs which brought financial hardship, emotional stress and loneliness for many.
Now the green pass has brought its own stresses, forcing people to take a stand for or against the vaccine which has led to divisions on such a scale that it is splitting families and friends. And of course these stresses carry over into every area of our lives.

Have you noticed how easy it is to get lost in complaint and blame and self-righteousness when your life is not nourishing, or even satisfying?
The covid situation has also provoked many people to question or reflect on the purpose of their lives.

So these are 2 days to explore that very question - what the fuck are you doing with your life? And is there a way to do it better - to live in a more nourishing and satisfying way.

This is an invitation to explore what happens if you step back a little from your ego-centric views, just for a moment, and see if you can see a bigger picture. See if it is possible to take yourself and everything a little less seriously, without losing your sincerity and authenticity. See what happens when you step out of blame and complaint and into gratitude. See if it is possible to bring your heart back into your life. After all, we are all going to die, that is for sure. Life is surprisingly short. How do you want to look back on your life at the end - what would you like to see about how you lived?

If you would like to make some changes, this is the place and time to learn some basic tools for living the kind of life you really want."


Anando has more than 40 years of experience with Osho's meditations and transformation techniques. She has worked alongside Osho for many years in his personal staff. Her direct, loving and joyful approach allows people to quickly realize their inner potential for bliss and joy. She is the author of books and various CD guided relaxation techniques.

"In this weekend the whole point is to explore how the concepts which I learned from Osho, relate to your life specifically." Anando


PHOTO: Osho and Anando in Lao Tzu garden in Pune, India

Anando presents Tools for a Better Life – 3 of this weekend


Through the connection via Zoom you can take part in this special journey guided live by Anando. The event is in English with live translation into Italian.

- There will be a first session on Saturday morning December 4th from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 (Rome time).

- On Sunday morning, December 5th, we will meet again for the second session from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00.

Cost and booking

Cost for this weekend: 60 euros
To book and see all the participation details go to this page: BOOKING.


“If you don't take the lamp of awareness with you, you are going to create a hell around you. Light your lamp wherever you go. Wherever you go, whatsoever you do, always do it in the inner light, with awareness. And don't be worried about moralities -- about concepts, about what is good and what is bad. Good follows your inner light just like a shadow. You take care of the inner light. That's what meditation is all about -- to become more alert. Live the same life, just change your alertness -- make it more intense. Eat the same food, walk the same path, live in the same house, be with the same woman and the children, but be totally different from your inside. Be alert! Walk the same path, but with awareness. If you become aware, suddenly the path is no more the same, because you are no more the same. If you are aware, the same food is not the same, because you are not the same, the same woman is not the same, because you are not the same. Everything changes with your inner change. If somebody changes his within, the without changes totally. The whole thing depends on your inner awareness or unawareness. That is the only change, the only transformation, the only revolution, that has to be made.”

Osho from: Ancient Music in the Pines, #6

Cost and booking

Cost for this weekend: 60 euros
To book and see all the participation details go to this page: BOOKING.

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