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The richest and most beautiful way to start a new year, with the right balance of celebration and meditation. Let your heart dance with wonder!

"Your ecstasy is the movement toward the heights and your meditation is the movement toward the depths. And when you have both, your life becomes a celebration." - OSHO

The ingredients?
Meditation, the joy of the party, music and silence, laughter and play, Shunyo, Veet Marco (who will be the "keepers" of this magic) and in the company of many special friends, with the same sensitivity and qualities as you, with whom a deep harmony comes easy. Come and meet with remarkable people!

There will be many surprises this year ... a rich and varied program as always. And then, on the 31st evening, dinner and dancing till late. But also "a stop in the silence": silent meditation for those who want to enter the new year from a quiet space, and enjoy the riches of their inner life while the world outside goes wild ... Three very rich days: many workshops, happenings, dances, games... for now we do not anticipate the program ... Just come and tune into the light side of things.


December 30, 2021 - January 1, 2022 in Le Torracce
(near Assisi - PG)


The OshoFesta is near ASSISI, in Valfabbrica (PG) at the Agriturismo Olistico Le Torracce, in its beautiful and bright Buddha Hall.

We will be guested at Le Torracce and in some nearby B&Bs. It is the ideal environment for a vacation full of relaxation, fun, celebration and meditation.

Immediately after the OshoFesta, on January 2, will begin in the same location, a 5-day retreat of Osho Vipassana (see website). For Osho the whole human being is both a Zorba, in his ability to fully enjoy life in the world, and a Buddha, then also totally rooted in his spiritual flowering. The package of OshoFesta + Osho Vipassana wants to be the full circle of this vision.

If you also participate in the Vipassana from January 2 to 7 you have a discount on both accommodation and participation!

Participation is open to all and does not require any knowledge of meditation.

See all the details below...


Cost and booking

The event includes:

- three days of celebration and meditation with Shunyo & Veet Marco with a contribution of 200 Euro. The membership card is included.

- board and lodging at convenient prices at Le Torracce or B&B nearby during the three days: costs range from 50 Euro per day for a place in the dormitory to 110 for a single room.

To find out the cost of your stay and the availability of rooms you must contact Le Torracce directly choosing the type of accommodation and the dates of arrival and departure:
mobile 335 610 3566
landline 075 901 0158

Reservations and cancellations: hurry up and book because places are really limited! And don't worry ... you will be refunded the amount paid in case of cancellation at any time (only 10 euros will be retained for secretarial fees).

COVID: the event will be run in total anti-covid security according to the Ministerial rules of the moment. We will be more specific about what is required as we get closer to the start date.

After filling in the registration form, you can proceed to pay the amount as indicated on the form.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may require.