Osho Miasto, in collaboration with OshoExperience, invites you to a unique experience in the world of Osho, but as well at international level: hundred "buddha in seed" will gather at the end of the summer in Osho Miasto, among the lush forests of the hills near Siena. Participation does not require any special or deep knowledge of the technique, but it is welcome a prior experience in meditation.

We will be totally in silence for the all 7 days, nurrished by the magic energy field generated by 100 meditators sitting with us where the whole Osho Miasto will turn, in this occasion, into a unique Zen Temple participanting to the silcence and quiet space. The outcome? A huge orchestra pervaded by one single powerful meditative wave!

For information call OshoExperience: Tel. +39 0331/841952 -

To book, contact the Groups Office of Miasto: Tel. +39 0577/960133 -

Miasto in Toscana

The last great retreat of Osho Vipassana will be in Miasto, Tuscany, the largest center of Osho in Italy, located away from the city and surrounded by unspoilt nature. It is an Osho commune managed by thirty people who share a passion for the spiritual search and the desire to experience life and work together as tools for their own personal and spiritual growth.
The hall

They offer their thirty years of experience in welcoming large meditation groups: at our disposal will be the best rooms as well as comfortable dormitories, in order to meet the needs of every budget. Excellent vegetarian cuisine, a byword among the visitors, although it will be good to eat lightly; and of course we will meditate in the beautiful Buddha Hall on the edge of the woods ...
The garden

To participate in the retreat we recommend wearing a tracksuit or comfortable clothes. Shoes are not allowed in the room where the meditation is happening: bring thick socks, only to be used in that environment. In September the weather in the Tuscan hills can be very variable: please bring clothing suitable for both warm and cold.

Info: 0331/841952

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